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Progressive Democrats of Citrus County Sugarcrats Chapter

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Progressive Democrats of Citrus County
invite all who are looking for a broader expression
of the highest and best values of the
Democrat Party
to join us!
Discouraged by "business as usual"
Looking for an organization that
better reflects your goals for our county,
our congressional district, and America?
is your kind of place !!!


Be a part of determining solutions for

our country's most pressing problems!

Active Working Groups

Working Group Name Coordinator Contact Address  
Gun Violence Prevention Working Group Nancy Robinson [join group]
Hurricane Survivor Working Group Johnnie Harris [join group]
Immigration Working Group Vicenta Montoya [join group]
Impeachment Working Group Matthew Gerbasi [join group]
Peace Working Group Bruce Taub [join group]
Reproductive Rights Working Group Mimi Wrobel [join group]
Single Payer Health Care Working Group Larry Kalb and Marilyn Clement [join group]
Spiritual Values Working Group Nicoli Bailey [join group]


Chapters and Caucuses

PDA Chapters: A PDA Chapter is an autonomous local organizing unit that works collectively with other Chapters across the country so that we may speak as a unified progressive voice. It is PDA’s goal to support the creation of at least one PDA Chapter in each of our 435 congressional districts.

PDA encourages groups to organize specifically as PDA Chapters, or...

Already existing groups -- such as Democratic Clubs, peace groups, Meet-Ups, Young Democrats, senior citizens groups or other special interest groups -- can become a PDA Chapter while maintaining their original identity.
[read more about chapters]   [find a chapter]   [start a chapter]

State Progressive Caucuses: A Caucus is a statewide organizing unit within the State Democratic Party (in some states called a Club or an Initiative). A Democratic Party State Progressive Caucus is organized to provide a structure through which progressive organizations and individuals can work collectively to rebuild the Democratic Party and to renew democratic values. Members of PDA Chapters who are members of the Democratic Party are encouraged to join their State Progressive Caucus, Club or Initiative.

Chapters & Caucuses (click here for more information)      352-563-2263

S U G A R C R A T S            C H A P T E R