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Progressive Democrats of Citrus County Sugarcrats Chapter

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The organizing meeting of the PDA Citrus County
Sugarcrats Chapter was held on
Sunday May 21st at the
Southern Woods Golf Club
New Officers were elected!
President:             Jerry Carr
Secretary              Joan McCaskey
VP / Treasurer    Blanche Picard
Angie Walther      Website Administrator
Ernie Kietel           Auditor
The group voted unanimously to endorse Democrat Candidate John Russell who is seeking the Congressional seat for the 5th Florida District.   
John Russell was the close second place candidate of four Democrats in the 2002 primary and his broad knowledge of all the major issues requiring immediate change, coupled with his passion for service make him the clear choice for PDA Citrus County and all those wanting to see real change for all the citizens of the 5th Congressional District.
Future meetings will also be at the
Southern Woods Country Club.
Luncheon meetings will begin at
1pm on the 3rd Sunday of each month.
August 20th   1pm
Call Blanche Picard   
(352) 563-2263
       for directions or further information

S U G A R C R A T S            C H A P T E R